How to heat Guangdong seamless hot press

2020-12-25 539

Heating method of seamless hot press: mainly related to temperature selection, technical control and product quality. Traditional heating methods: steam heating and electric heating are usually used. Steam heating has some problems, such as uneven plate temperature, while electric heating has the characteristics of large power consumption and working cost. Later, there were heat transfer oil heating methods. This heating method has high heat capacity, uniform temperature and small heat loss, so it can reduce production cost and achieve satisfactory hot pressing effect.


The hot pressing plate in seamless hot press is also a very important part. Its function can be evaluated from several aspects, such as the application of pressing plate material, machining accuracy, and the settlement of medium channel in hot pressing plate.

The connection and seal of seamless hot press should be made of suitable material. The traditional gasket materials are asbestos rubber sheet, polytetrafluoroethylene and surrounding graphite, because their sealing effect is relatively good.

The control system of seamless hot press mainly controls heating system and hydraulic system, so it is related to sensitivity and accuracy. However, the composition of its control part is relatively messy, so there are also some problems. Assuming that the hot pressing function is disorderly, the use of control components, such as solenoid valve, should be reduced as far as possible.

Article source: Guangdong seamless hot press

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