Cleaning method of Guangdong seamless hot press production line

2020-12-25 542

Before cleaning the production line of veneer hot press, the staff should be ready to clean things and seal the power supply of the equipment together. The hot pressing plate surface also needs to be cleaned, which will also extend its service life. When cleaning, it is necessary to check the oil filling part of the equipment in time to see if there is any oil leakage. Every day before production also want to check veneer hot press production line has no abnormal situation.

The amount of water vapor in compressed air is determined by the temperature of compressed air: in the case of insisting that the pressure of compressed air is basically unchanged, the temperature of compressed air can reduce the content of water vapor in compressed air, and the excess water vapor will condense into liquid. Cold dryer (freezing monotone machine) is the use of this principle, the use of refrigeration monotone compressed air.


The quality of hot press and the shortening of hot pressing time play an important role. The temperature difference of the plate surface of the hot press is small, and the product quality is good. In this way, the rigidity and strength of the hot pressing plate weakened by drilling can be reduced, and the flow resistance in the channel of the hot medium can be reduced. Multi layer press or short cycle single layer hot press. The multi-layer hot press is mainly suitable for most small and medium-sized furniture enterprises or small standard board gluing operation. Short cycle hot press is suitable for mass production enterprises.

The hot plate welding die is divided into horizontal and vertical movement. The volume of the single-layer hot press depends on the size of the welding parts. According to the size of the equipment, the driving method can be pneumatic, hydraulic or servo motor. According to the requirements of the welding procedure, the semi-automatic or full-automatic production line can be selected. The stability of the equipment can ensure the same accuracy of welding and workpiece processing and the welding temperature •▩↟▩。

Article source: Guangdong seamless hot press

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