Main structure of Guangdong seamless hot press

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In the hydraulic oil system of veneer hot press, the current trend is that more and more oil is used as the medium, because it is more convenient to operate and complete automatic control, and its various control elements are standardized and serialized, providing convenience. In the multi-layer press, the combination of pressure storage tank and pump is used more and more recently to achieve higher closing speed. In terms of heating system, steam heating and electric heating are still commonly used in various countries.

The benefit of veneer hot press is high heat capacity, uniform temperature, small heat load, easy to get higher temperature, and pipeline pressure is greatly reduced, less heat loss, etc., so that the production cost is reduced. In terms of electric heating, in addition to direct heating with electric heating elements, high-frequency heating method is also used. However, due to low energy consumption and high working cost, there is no trend of large-scale development.


Main structure analysis of veneer hot press

The veneer hot press is mainly composed of frame, hydraulic cylinder, movable beam and hot pressing plate. Frame is the main body to receive load, there are two kinds of combination and integral. The combined structure consists of upper crossbeam and lower crossbeam, the center of which is connected to a rigid frame by nuts through the column, that is, the column structure frame. The integral structure is made of a whole steel plate, or an integral structure welded by several pieces of steel, namely the structural frame.

Hydraulic cylinder is a kind of conversion equipment which converts the pressure energy of liquid into mechanical motion energy. It transfers the motion to the hot pressing plate through the movable beam. The hot pressing plate transfers the heat from the hot medium of heating system and the pressure from the working liquid of hydraulic system to the workpiece to heat and pressurize the surface forming. The body of hot pressing machine is the executive mechanism of workpiece forming, and the accuracy and stiffness of its parts directly affect the quality of products.

Therefore, in terms of structural stiffness, strength and machining accuracy, it is necessary to meet the requirements. In addition to the regular mechanical load, the hot press is also affected by the thermal load. Therefore, the influence of thermal effect should be considered in the design.

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