Causes of hot pressing plate deformation of Jiangmen seamless hot press

2020-12-25 520

Jiangmen seamless hot press when the fire pressure, due to the dual effect of temperature and pressure, then the hot plate will present some cracks, deformation and other phenomena, sometimes due to uneven temperature caused by the limit of the rough plate after sanding, there will be some white spots, some places are soft, hard layer thickness uneven phenomenon, so that the product quality is greatly affected.


The deformation of hot pressed plate of Jiangmen seamless hot press is mostly transverse and longitudinal

1. When the hot press is heated, the heating is uneven, and the temperature is too high during preheating. Generally, the deformation is easy to occur when the machine is started up in cold state.

2. The steam pipe in the hot pressed plate is blocked, and the uneven heating conduction will also lead to the deformation of the hot pressed plate.

3. The hot pressing plate deformation caused by the concentrated pressure on the thickness gauge.

4. If the hot press is not published smoothly and the operator does not find it in time, the pressure rise of the hot press will easily cause the bending deformation of the hot press plate.

All of the above are the reasons for the deformation of the hot pressing plate of the hot press. Do you understand all of them? If you have any questions, you can contact us, we will give you a detailed introduction.

Article source: Jiangmen seamless hot press

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