Seamless hot press manufacturers tell you how to clean hot press

2020-12-25 518

We all know the function of the hot press, it can be widely used, more importantly, it can help us realistically, in order to better use it, we need to sort it in time, the correct cleaning can extend the life of the equipment, what is the correct cleaning method?


The daily cleaning of hot press is very important. The first thing to do is to remove the oil dirt, and then remove the oil by using fire oil. The other thing is to clean all its parts. The parts should be washed in order. The first part should be washed, and then the parts should be washed In the process of cleaning, all parts should not be stacked together after cleaning, and the primary purpose is to prevent damage.

Moreover, after the completion of the above operation, the hot compressor must use clean compressed air to blow it clean, or use cotton cloth to dry it, but be careful not to install the newly cleaned parts directly, otherwise the air compressor will explode.

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