What are the functions of Guangdong seamless hot press cushion

2020-12-25 580

With the rapid development of China's economy, wood-based panel has also completed a huge leap, and the key equipment to complete wood-based panel production skills is hot press. Hot press particleboard, plywood category widely used, today and we discuss the use of hot press cushion.


Cushion is generally required in the process of pressing laminate flooring, particleboard, melamine veneer, wooden door and furniture by hot press. In the operation combination of hot press, the buffer pad is clamped between the hot pressing plate and the template. Its primary function is to make the operation pressure and temperature of the hot pressing plate transfer evenly, which can make the adhesion between the paper veneer and the substrate more compact, uniform and flat, and then improve the appearance and internal quality of the decorative panel. The cushion also has excellent functions such as heat resistance, error compensation of pressing plate, protection of formwork, etc.

The hot press plays an important role in the quality of wood-based panel products. With the continuous innovation and development, the production capacity of particleboard hot press has increased significantly. However, we must do a good job in protecting the production power.

Article source: Guangdong seamless hot press http://www.ggrnr.com/

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