Warranty Policy

1. Warranty in accordance with contract warranty regulations;

2. Others shall be implemented according to the national three guarantees regulations.

Warranty regulations

1. According to the contract warranty, during the warranty period, you can get free warranty treatment;

2. Consult with our company for other situations.

Not covered by the warranty

1. Damage caused by consumers due to improper use, maintenance and storage;

2. Damage caused by self-repair and disassembly;

3. Damage caused by irresistible factors (lightning, rain, earthquake, fire, etc.).

During the warranty period, if the product does not meet the warranty conditions and needs to be charged, the reason for the non-compliance with the warranty conditions must be indicated, and the user's signature shall be approved.

Charges outside the warranty period

1. After the free warranty period of the whole machine exceeds one year, the maintenance service shall be implemented in accordance with the next principle;

2. Products beyond the warranty period are required to charge maintenance fees and spare parts fees;

Other accessories, production services for fragile consumables and gifts

1. All accessories are part of the whole machine, and the warranty refers to the whole machine policy;

2. The production of vulnerable consumables is not covered by the warranty;

3. The gifts are not covered by the warranty.